"Michael, thank you so much for your work.  Your thoroughness is very obviously over and above what I expected.  Your advice will also prove very valuable as we move forward in the process of owning our first home."   Bryan
"Hi Michael.  Thanks so much for all your help and for performing such a thorough house inspection.  I appreciate how you explained everything to me during the inspection and how you answered all of my questions and gave great advice.  Again, thanks for all your help !"     Chaya
"Good Morning Mike - thank you for getting me a copy of this report so promptly. I look forward to discussing the contents with John and Gwen later today.  I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the clarity and format of your report. If you could send me some business cards  . . . I'd love to recommend you in the future."    Amanda M.
"Mike,  thanks for being so thorough.  I have been very impressed with the quality and detail of your work.  Feel free to use my name as a reference in the future."   Regards,  Peter M.
"Hi Michael,  Thank you so much for your detailed report. We really appreciated the amount of work and time that you put into the inspection.  We'll be in touch again when we buy our next house."    Meredith & Mark
"Michael, Thanks for taking the time to explain everything as we went through the inspection.  I learned a lot of very useful information !  In fact, I was so impressed with your services, I have already provided your information to a co-worker who is looking for a house to buy as well. Again, thanks so much for taking the time to explain things to me !"    Monica
"Michael, Thank you so much for your professional advice and words of wisdom. Your expert inspection has given us a lot to consider (in a good way) and plan for in the purchase of this home. We are even more excited now to move ahead; your help has really confirmed our decision.  We will highly recommend you to our friends and others who are in the market."       Tucker and Emily
"Michael,  Thank you again for your service.  The report and time you spent reviewing our home was very valuable."   Jesse
"Michael,  Thanks for the detailed home inspection.  I felt very very good and learned a lot from walking around and listening to you.  My contractor gave me an estimate of $2500 to repoint, fix wall, fix grading etc.  Your verbal estimate was perfect !  I really appreciate your help."   Regards,  Om & Jai
"Mike,  Thanks again. We have our work cut out for us but hopefully this home inspection will get some key things fixed before we move in. Always a pleasure working with you and we will invite you back once we renovate."    John
Michael,  Thanks for your usual "SUPERIOR" service yesterday at Keystone Avenue.
Judith M., ABR   Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
"Michael,  the buyers are repeat customers that purchased about 3 years ago. They are the ones who had a leak in their roof 2 months after moving in and you went over only to discover that the next door neighbors were throwing things on their roof."  See you soon,   Dawn   L & F REALTORS